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Connections from the Universe

The universe is always conspiring on our behalf!


Sometimes it is challenging to see this when we are suffering, but when we are in a place of peace, we can reflect on the grace that moves through our life at all times.

Recently I was in a conversation with a woman seated next to me on a flight. First she told me how amazing her current husband is. She listed the many thoughtful things he does for every day and the evidence that he loves her unconditionally.

She then told me that she will never be able to forgive her first husband for cheating on her, abusing her and leaving her. It didn’t add up. If her first husband┬áhad not left her, she would never have found the wonderful man she is with now.

Even in those earlier challenging times, the universe was conspiring on her behalf, guiding her through the storm to the amazing place she is in now. After reflecting on this, she realized it was time to forgive her former husband and feel gratitude for the grace of her life.

Even in this moment, if you are suffering, the universe wants you to know that all of the heavens are working diligently to bring you to a place of pure joy. The kind of joy that is sustainable. To do that, the universe is asking you to say “YES” to the next inspiration that comes your way. Follow that inspiration, stay honest about your feelings along the way, and trust. A miracle is right around the corner.

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